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You can have a sound mind and a happy life!

As a Christian coach, trainer, and best-selling author, I help people overcome past hurts and limiting beliefs.

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Ignite Your Love Life

 Ignite Your Love Life is a 7 week series that will help you deepen your love life as you learn to rest, heal and become restored by your Shepherd King. Discover the real war and how to win it so you can experience more peace and joy in your life. Discover what the Divine Duet looks like and become ignited with purpose and passion. Based from Song of Songs, the greatest song of all. 
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Become A Coach For Christ

If you are someone who desires to coach others professionally, or you simply desire to improve your own life and those you influence, this is for you!

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Diplomatic Discipleship of Christ

Do you long to bring your loved one to Christ? To speak easily with a co worker about God? Help someone to improve their life through God’s Word? Join La Vonne Earl and  Brian Simmons (the lead translator of The Passion Translation) as they teach you how to relate to all people in order to win them for Christ! 
born to bloom course

Receive Healing From Sexual Abuse

Break free from the bondage of abuse and embrace the freedom that Jesus Christ has to offer. God wants you to heal from your past and bloom into your true self!


Making Your Story Count

You are an action-taker, hard worker, adventure-lover and more. Am I right? Yeah, me too!

I’m La Vonne Earl, wife, mom, believer, speaker, coach, counselor, trainer, book clubber and BFF. I have spent the past 12 years helping people overcome the pain of their past because I know that pain and distractions are so difficult, and even debilitating.

I have been there and I have overcome through the skills I am going to teach you! I believe everyone deserves A Sound Mind and A Happy Life!

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Learn 3 Points for Effective Evangelism

Get this free video training (with Brian Simmons) that’ll give you the clarity and confidence you need to share the hope of Jesus with anyone you meet.

A blog to help you improve your life!

The blogs I post for you will give you the tools you need to help improve your life! I get you! I want answers, and I want them quickly. Like you, I have lots to do, I am a wife, a mom, sister and friend. I work and have a busy schedule. What I am most passionate about are people! I love to help others achieve great success in their life! I have been able to overcome so much in my life, and I am here to help you to also overcome! The only way we can do that is when we feel emotionally well and things are functioning well in our lives! This is what my blog is all about… helping you to become more of the person you were created to be, the one you want to be, one who feels great and is able to achieve all of your dreams! I am here for you my friend!

Godly meditations

Meditate on the Word of God and be transformed into your true Identity in Christ

Write God’s love in your mind and in your heart as these declarations affirm who you are in Christ. Create the change you want as you form a positive godly narration in your mind! 


The Miracle of Divine Forgiveness

Discover the liberating power and miracle of forgiveness as you take back your life, joy and peace with this free class. Learn how to forgive anyone of anything even when it seems impossible.