Perfect Peace

God has said He would give us a peace that was different than this world offers.

Holy Transformation

Cross in the clouds

As Christians we know we must walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, but what exactly does that look like? Having an awareness first of ourselves is what is crucial to understanding how one should pray and invite the Holy Spirit into our lives for Holy Transformation. Inviting God into every area of your […]

Be Transformed

Woman raising hands in field with doves

Are you satisfied with your finances or are you living paycheck to paycheck? There is a way to think and manage our finances that will bring about great blessings.

God Desires to Bless

Person standing hands out at sunrise on mountain

Do you believe poverty is more spiritual than being prosperous financially? Do you believe God desires to bless you? Are there spiritual laws that if obeyed blessings are more likely to come?

Godly Anchoring

Are you going to move forward in faith for your future? Or will you use any excuse possible to keep you defeated?

A Greater Commitment to Your Purpose Through Godly Vision

Woman, eyes closed, smiling outside

Have you discovered your purpose? There are often many purposes throughout our lives. Perhaps your great purpose right now is to reconcile your marriage, or maybe to build your business and bring in a greater income for your family. Maybe your purpose is to get your health back.

The Theory of the Mind

Beautiful sunset on rocky lake

How well do you understand the mind? Are you able to quickly identify the patterns people have established and the possible thoughts, and fears of others?

For Such A Time As This

Woman with outstretched hands silhouette at sunset

Do you realize you have been placed where you are for such a time as this? You are blessed beyond measure! The problem is if you do not see your blessings you will not be able to help others where you are placed.

Godly Affirmations

Hands touching in sky

Don’t you just love to be affirmed? I know I do. Many times, people don’t really understand how to encourage and affirm others.

Godly Communication

Young man and woman reading the Bible outside

How does God feel about the way you communicate? Do you easily gain rapport with others? Do you show interest in what others are saying? Can you hear their hurts? Their fears? Do you know the 6 key areas of their life so you can engage in all aspects of their life?