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Do you have a staff?2 min read

christian coaching

Have you ever heard of a  “faith staff?”

Long ago in the days before pen and paper, typewriters, computers, man used to mark a staff every time God did something in their life to help them overcome. This kept record for them and was a way of remembering what God has done. This was known as their “faith staff.” When Moses placed his staff in the water, what he was basically saying was, “Lord, you have done it for me in the past, you will do it for me again!


Do you have a “faith staff?”

I have a very large one! God has helped me to overcome so much in my life! I have many, many stories to share! As of recent is the incredible story of God helping me to overcome the fire burning down our home. Although we still have much to do, and God is still working this out for our good, we see His hand in it. I have so many “God touches” that I would love to share with you.


Your faith and your stories of what you have overcome strengthen me!

I am going to host a fireside on Instagram and if you have a story to share please message me and let me know. Then join me live on Tuesday the 24th, at 4pm  so we can share and strengthen one another.


God bless you! Have a wonderful weekend!


christian coaching

PS, I will get that beautiful Christian Meditation recorded for you and have it available in your dashboard soon. Remember, if you need a Christian Coach we have the best in our ministry!

We need coaches!

Christ Centered Coach Training

Gain the ability to relate to anyone, improve your communication skills, learn how to change your narration, and reprogram your mind, help improve your own life, and help others improve theirs.


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