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Empowered for Great Health4 min read

The lack of healthy eating is spiritually unhealthy, but it’s important to remember that spiritual wellness is the foundation of physical wellness. 

Each area of our lives affects all other areas. If you aren’t feeling well physically it can be hard to have good relationships with people, have a sense of purpose or feel loved by God. If one relationship suffers, others suffer too. If your work life is not fulfilling then that affect will bleed into your home life and ultimately your health suffers because you are unhappy with what you do each day. It’s sad when any one part has to suffer but when we acknowledge the interconnectedness of our lives it’s easier to make changes in order to improve all areas.  

He has given us all power, wisdom and authority to succeed in every area. As we succeed in the area of our health we feel more confident, trusting even ourselves to follow through. 

It’s important to choose wisely as we start this journey towards good health and it begins with opening ourselves up and allowing God to help us see where improvements can be made. We need courage; we need encouragement; we need someone or something bigger than ourselves. For some people that means surrounding themselves with healthy friends who like going on walks instead of drinking wine after work; others find encouragement in their families or someone who has done this before and succeeded. For others it means enlisting the help of a family doctor who listens to what you need and wants to work with you to create a realistic plan that will work for your body. There are so many ways we can empower ourselves for good health, we just need to be open and ready and willing and then take the steps towards our goals starting today. Be empowered for good health! 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start, here is a diagnostic that allows you to evaluate yourself holistically, and guide you towards setting and reaching your goals.

  • How do other people view your quest for good health?
  • What is preventing you from achieving this goal?
  • Do you believe that God can empower you to succeed in this area of your life? If not, why not?
  • Where do you need courage or encouragement? Who could help you with that? Are there ways to find it outside of human beings (prayer, church community)? What types of things are helpful when looking for support – having someone who has done what you are looking to do, using faith as an impetus for growth, etc.?
  • When did you start making changes towards better health and how long have they been lasting? How successful have they been thus far – what challenges have emerged along the way and how have they been overcome?
  • What kind of confidence do you have in your ability to make good choices for nutrition and exercise? What areas are hardest for you – what kinds of things do you struggle with or find difficult to avoid? How can this journey be made easier – what kinds of strategies, if any, are helpful?
  • How easy is it for you to ask for help when making changes towards better health? Do you have regular check-ins with anyone about how these efforts are going/how you are feeling about them? What support system exists outside of human beings (God, prayer)?
  • Do other people notice a difference between before starting down the road towards good health and after beginning that journey successfully? What makes the biggest difference in their assessment of your wellbeing?

Circle back to these questions periodically to analyze each area of your life and discover how far you have gotten. Don’t forget to celebrate small wins, my friend! Small wins put together make up your entire victory!

Are you ready to take control of your health? Join me for my class on Empowered for Good Health. In this class, we will explore the principles God has put in place for us to be physically well. I am excited to journey with you as we learn about how to partner with God in our physical wellbeing. Together, we can make the choice to live a healthier life and experience all that He has planned for us!

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