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Forgiveness Is Possible!2 min read

So, what if we could change our thoughts? God says that we can. He says ALL things are possible with Him!

Even though our minds tend to remember the worst of things, we can be in the driver’s seat and dictate what we will think about!

There are certainly thoughts that have a strong emotional component to them. God created our minds to protect us.

Therefore, your mind will often remind you when something awful happened. It is trying to keep you safe from this awful event so it will never happen again.

How then do we resolve the issue so we can bring peace back into our lives?

The first step is to recognize truth, what happened? We need time to process in our minds the tragedy that occurred.

The next step would be to determine what it is you want to accomplish in your life, is it gaining more peace? Forgetting about the event?

The surest way to gain these things is to forgive. It removes the venom that is harming you.

Please understand that forgiveness does not mean reconciliation, it isn’t always possible to do so, especially if the person you are forgiving is unsafe.

But what it does mean is that you are basically saying I am surrendering this toxic situation or person to the Lord for justice. I am removing you and the situation from my thoughts and letting it go.

This is a very healthy place to be!

In this way you are creating room in your heart, mind, and life for good things. It is hard for good to come into your life when you are occupied with hurtful thoughts.

Forgiveness sets you free for good to come in!

I will be teaching great concepts in my Be Transformed class beginning May 2oth at 10am-11am PST.

In this course you will have the opportunity to create a new Godly Narration! One that speaks to you of love and good things thus bringing them into your life. I have prepared for you daily homework that will transform your life!

I hope to see you there!


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