You are here! You are breathing! Your heart is beating, and you have a purpose! 

In our blessed 1st world country, you are likely reading this on a computer or a mobile device. 

You can turn the faucet on and drink a cool glass of water.

This puts you in the 1% of the world’s population.


Sure, there are hard days–days when you want to wallow in self-pity, but God has great plans for you and desires to see you live out your purpose! Are you ready to do that?

Let’s be world changers together! Join me this morning and become equipped to coach others to Christ! If you can’t make Thursday mornings, it is not a problem as you will have access to all the videos and handouts and my team, and I are here for your support. 

We need Jesus and people need Jesus in us! We are it! The only way people can improve their lives is if someone takes the call to disciple others seriously and becomes equipped to help them! You can do that through coaching! 

This is the most incredible training! Get equipped today! 

If you know someone that could use this message, please forward this to them. 

See you coaches online soon!

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