Heal Unhealthy Love Patterns

This class is a must for anyone desiring to heal from their past. Even in the most healthiest of families, there are wounds that need to be healed. You will find healing from your past with this 7-week series designed to help you discover the impact your family of origin had on you, move beyond the impact of trauma, forgive where you have been hurt, reconcile where possible with loved ones, and set boundaries where needed. Discover how the Godhead works within your family to help heal and renew your mind with a healthy, godly narration. One that speaks to you the way God intended. 
Each class is approximately 30-40 min with daily scriptures, affirmations and prayer to help you renew your mind in Christ. 

Week 01

Impact of family of origin

week 02

impact of trauma

Week 03

impact form personality disorders

week 04

choose to heal

week 05

forgiveness/ reconciliation and boundaries

week 06

identity and self-care: your desired Life

week 07

loving others well: healthy communication

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