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Heal Your Life, through the Song of Songs

God wants to heal you with His holy kisses! His kiss gives us armor as we face our day to day struggles. His kiss also heals us from devastating events and trials we have undergone. Come journey with me in this 7 week series as I take you through the Song of Songs. You will discover the greatest love story ever told, which is the love between you and the Father! Gain rest and comfort as you experience His deep love. 
You will be restored by your Shepherd King. Gain contentment and courage to live out healthy relationships and recognize the red flags in unhealthy ones so you can set healthy boundaries. 
You will discover the real war of selfishness and how to win it so you can experience more peace and joy in your life. 
Experience the Divine Duet with the Lord. Become ignited with passion and purpose! Rise to new heights with the strength and encouragement from Our Shepherd King and receive from the greatest love of all in the Song of Songs! 

Week 01

Your Shepherd King

week 02

Radiant One

Week 03

Tend Your Garden

week 04

Hungry for Love

week 05

The Real War

week 06

It’s Time to Arise

week 07

The Divine Duet

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