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Healthier Relationships

Join Mark Gordon and La Vonne Earl as they lead you in this 5 week course to master your relationships and improve your life! As a pastor of 17 years Mark has a wonderful way of offering analogies that will give you great understanding. Learn more about trust and how to establish more of it, improve your communication skills, create more authenticity, influence others to become more honest and lear the great principle of honor.
We all live our lives in relationships, this is a must for every individual seeking to bring more peace and harmony into their lives. This class will greatly improve your life! 
Each class is approximately 30-40 min with daily scriptures, affirmations and prayer to help you renew your mind in Christ. 

Week 01


week 02


Week 03


week 04


week 05


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Recorded Prayer

Listen to Godly Affirmation

Renew your faith and become strengthened in the Lord by listening to one of our recorded prayers. 
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