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I have fought in a war3 min read

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 Have you ever felt like there was a battle going on inside of you? I certainly have. The biggest battle I have ever had to face is the battle that was between my selfish desires and serving others. Especially when I was wounded. I remember going through the healing of infidelity in my marriage 11 years ago, and all I could think about at the time was how I had been hurt, how I had been wronged. It was difficult, but I had to get my focus back on God. As I did He began to encourage me to look for ways to serve others. In God’s wisdom He knew this was the way to my healing. As I followed His instruction and began looking for ways to serve, I began to heal!


The more I served the greater my advantage became in winning the battle of self. I began to realize my greatest joy and passion was found in serving others! 



 This week as we take a look at the Shulamite Woman in the Song of Songs, you will discover how her healing took place. She too began to win the battle of selfishness.

Selfishness often slips in unnoticed; it is easy to get comfortable in it, at times we can find ourselves thinking more about us as we identify with our pain, thus, keeping us from serving others. The anthem becomes; “my depression”, or “my pain” and it becomes the excuse of the
day. I get it! I was there too!

The amazing thing is, once we begin to focus on God and serving others our depression leaves as we begin to find that we do have a passion and purpose in this life!

I hope you will join me this week as I share a message on the battle between self and others. Discover how we can move from being dependent on ourselves, and instead become dependent on God, thus improving our lives. I will share with you some anchoring tools and scriptures that will keep you focused on the freedom that can be yours when you surrender to God and His Kingdom.

His love will ignite your passion and give you the greatest purpose you will ever know!

Come identify with the words from your Shepherd-King:

“The shining of your spirit shows how you have taken my truth to become balanced and complete.” Song of Songs 6:6

I hope to see you online soon! Send me your prayer request.

God bless you, my friend!

christian coaching
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