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Living a Fearless Life - Refine by Fire

Join me in this incredible course and become empowered for boldness, to live your life fearlessly as you immerse yourself in the love of the Father, in His covering over your life. Come fearless to the Lord in your spiritual life, gain greater insight in your relationship life to set healthy boundaries and speak truth, increase your emotional health through the gift of the Holy Spirit, release the fear of death as you gain an even healthier physical life, improve your finances and walk boldly in your career and ministry!

This class is a must to live the fearless and abundant life God intended for you!

Each class is approximately 30-40 minutes and includes a daily handout filled with scriptures and godly anchoring to help you gain a new, fearless godly narration.

Week 01


week 02


Week 03

Emotional Life

week 04

Physical Life

week 05

Your Career

week 06

Financial Life

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