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Move from Worry to Faith2 min read

So, what is the cause of this hold on worry and how does one go about removing the ongoing thoughts of worry in their life? First, I don’t want to make light of those that have gone through trauma and extreme stress in their life. This can certainly make one more susceptible to worry, however nothing is impossible with God and I have personally experienced the transformation from worry to faith as well as helped many clients and students through training do the same, so please know and understand that it is possible to change the way you think no matter what you have been through! Let’s get a move on how to do this:

HABITS: Regardless of what is happening in your life everyone has 1-5 minutes to meditate and pray each day! The key is making it a habit! For anything to work it has to be consistent. Begin each morning with 5-10 minutes and expand to at least 15 minutes each day.

  1. READ: It is important to be in God’s Word each day so the Holy Spirit can penetrate your heart and mind, and so we can learn and come to know God and the good He has in store for us!
  2. MEDITATION: Using our mind for God’s glory and our good is key in moving from worry to faith. Visualize good things happening in your life! Use your mind to create the good you desire. Even the good in others that you desire. For ex. your children or spouse. Use your mind to visualize the good things that God has in store for them.
  3. MANTRAS: The more you repeat something in your mind, the more it will repeat it back to you. This is why it is so important to memorize words of comfort and the promises of God. The way to renew your mind is through repetition.
  4. PRAY: Get quiet and listen to God. He will speak soothing words to you of comfort and love.
  5. BELIEVE: Put all your energy into believing that what you have read, meditated on, repeated the good in your mind, and prayed for will happen!

Do these 5 habits each day and watch your life move from worry to fear!

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Wishing you all of life’s best!

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