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Order & Self-Care2 min read

I have been thinking a lot lately on the subject of order and self-care. Often times people see self-care as a selfish ambition, and it can be if not practiced in proper order and is for the purpose and intent of helping others.

Self-care and order spreads into many areas of our life, and even into our country and the rest of the world. Let me explain. Order and self-care begin first with God as He gives us an example by first creating and then resting.  He then helps Adam practice this same principle by giving him the task of naming the animals first in his life prior to receiving his wife Eve. This great honor given to Adam by God was a way to demonstrate ownership and authority in his life. God took pleasure in watching man use his intellect and creativity and then gave Adam rest while He created his wife Eve.

I like to offer this same analogy when coaching my clients. What are your animals? What are the things in your life you need to name and claim first before moving on to caring for others?

By very nature the creation of Adam first and then Eve was an example of order and self-care since Adam was created prior to Even and not at the same time. This demonstrates order and self-care.

It was only after Adam took care of his responsibilities that God created Eve for Adam to care for. After their union they were then able to care for children. You get the picture, take care of yourself, then you will be able to care for your spouse and your children.

I love that God is a God of order! I love that He desires for us to care for ourselves! When we step out of God’s order and the proper use of self-care, great confusion happens creating chaos and pain.

This same order and self-care should then be applied to our community, then our country and lastly the rest of the world. We have to first care for what we are able, before we can expand to caring for others.

Doing things in order and caring first for one thing at a time gives an example for others to follow.

Wishing you great order and self-care in your life so it can expand to the rest of the world!

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