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Are you ready to bloom into your full potential?​

Born to Bloom

This workbook is intended to be used along with the 7-week video course.

Born to Bloom is a Christ-centered, biblically-based resource for both men and women wounded by sexual abuse.  

Right from the start you will feel that you are not alone as you journey with La Vonne for your complete healing. You will gain clarity along with peace coming from the new, healthy narration she helps you to build. You will spend time in scripture and journaling through highly engaging questions that cause you to get a beautiful vision for your future.

La Vonne’s positive and engaging style is simple and practical. She utilizes methods that are Biblically inline and cause you to develop a closer walk with Jesus.

You will learn your true identity and who you are apart from anything else. You will become equipped to coach yourself with Jesus in the future from any area of offense. Get set free and experience becoming completely healed.

lost years restored

Get back the years lost in bondage of abuse

This Course is Designed To Equip You With All The Tools You Need To :

Discover you True Identity

Walk in the person God has created you to be

Set healthy boundaries

Learn when to say yes and no without the fear of rejection

move from victim to victor

Forgive yourself and whoever has caused you harm

practise better self-care

Live life in full revelation of your worth in Christ

Build healthier relationships

Restore trust and honor where it has been lost

Eliminate Fear

Learn to live life fearlessly and trust in God's protection

short power-packed lessons

You will Learn:

  • The Impact of Abuse in Each Area of Your Life
  • The Five Keys to Healing and Success
  • How to Build A New Narration
  • How to Transform Negative Triggers into Positive Ones
  • How Godly Vision Brings Success, and so much more
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change your narrative

Stop Living Life From The Perspective Of Rejection, Shame And Abuse

As someone that has experienced abuse and trauma in my life, it has become my mission to help many like you completely heal through the methods I use in my YKI coaching ministry. Your emotional wellness and gaining a strong foundation in healthy relationships is what I am here to help you achieve. I love the Lord and truly care about your healing. God wants you to receive the healing He has to offer you. You cannot afford to continue living in the bondage of past abuse. Change your narrative and receive healing today!

designed to transform you

Find healing from any form of sexual abuse

Overcome the trauma of abuse, and experience God’s love as you reprogram your mind with God’s truth. Unlike other programs causing great pain, this 7-week course helps you to focus on the impact of abuse and not the abuse itself.