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God wants you to experience great joy and to not have stress and troubles. Matthew 6:34

He gives great insight into how to manage our relationships, how to forgive, to reconcile when possible and bring great peace into our lives.

He lets us know how to manage our finances and how to be even more blessed!

He has a great purpose for our lives and desires for us to walk in it!

In my upcoming class “Be Transformed,” you will be gaining information about each of the six key areas of your life. You will learn what God has to say about each area so you can line yourself up to His will and experience great success in your life!

You will learn how to reprogram your mind to think more like God thinks!

You will experience a greater connection to God as well as learn the YKI methods of coaching so you can coach yourself throughout your life!

I am so excited to be taking this journey with you! If you cannot make the class live sign up anyway and I will send you the replay! You will get all the handouts for daily homework as well.

The homework is not at all overwhelming, there is only 1 scripture per day to memorize, along with questions to answer for reprogramming your mind.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! I am here for you and I will be here for you as we journey together for the next 7 weeks!

Don’t miss out! If you know someone that could use this, send it their way. This is life changing for them!

I will see you online Thursday!

Have a blessed day!

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