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The Power of Divine Design

Join me in this 7-week series to help you understand how God wired and equipped you to fulfill your purpose. In this course your true identity and purpose will be revealed as you become more united with Jesus Christ. His Holy Spirit within you will recognize the truth as you learn more about your Divine Design. Through each class you will become more loving as you gain a greater understanding of God’s perfect love. You will understand how to serve others better, become more creative and productive, learn how to govern, how to teach and how to lead others to Christ. 
Each class is approximately 30-40 min with daily scriptures, affirmations and prayer to help you renew your mind in Christ. 

Week 01

Designed to be Loved and to Love

week 02

Designed to Serve

Week 03

Designed to create

week 04

designed to produce

week 05

designed to govern

week 06

desinged to govern

week 07

Designed to Lead Others to Christ

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