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The Theory of the Mind2 min read

People establish beliefs about many things at a very early age. This is one of the reasons it is very difficult to convince others to move out of their false beliefs and into a true relationship with Jesus. It may be difficult to help others to change, but not impossible, nothing is too hard or impossible with God. Luke 1:37

Once you begin to understand others and the reasons why they do what they do, it will be easier to help them to see the right path to take as well. I can tell you from experience that once I began to understand people better my ability to gain rapport with others greatly increased which allowed me the opportunity to speak into their life and help them! I gained the necessary skills to be able to talk with those addicted to drugs, even though this is something I have never experienced. There are many things I have not experienced and yet I can see the patterns and motivation behind the symptoms that others experience which helps me to better relate to those going through these hard times.

There are also difficult life experiences I have been through and understanding even my own mind has helped me break free and stay free from toxicity in my life.

If you are experiencing conflict in your marriage or other relationship issues this class will be very helpful to you. Understanding people is one of the greatest skills one can possess. It will help you to have peace and harmony with others and have a greater chance of bringing individuals to the Lord.

This  Thursday in my Christ Centered Coaching group we will be going over the Theory of the mind. You will learn how beliefs are developed and the meaning one gives to those beliefs. You will discover patterns and the symptoms from those patterns. I will dive deeper with examples and solutions for the relationships in your life. Bring your questions!

I hope you can join us! If you are unable to be online Thursday 10-11am PST, don’t worry as you will have access to all the videos and handouts once you sign up! I will be here with you on this journey to help you gain great relationship skills bringing more peace and success into your life!

See you soon!

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